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★ ;;Bizzy Loomis;; ★
24 March 1988
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Hello ^-^

Bizzy Loomis ~ 21 ~ Scottish, but I now live in London ♥ ~
I won't add you if we have nothing in common. So check first please :3
I'm nice though, so I will probably add you and see how it goes.

I'm nice ^^; friendly, i get on with most people. I have too much love in my bones ♥ don't think it's a bad thing.
I used to be involved in music and managing but I'm alot smarter than i ever took notice of.
Nnd now I now make people better for a living. I'm always positive and happy. Life is too short.

I'm careless. Always happy, always jokes. I like to have fun. I flirt alot aswell.
Not intentionally but it just happens. </em> You can follow me on TWITTER

I dont believe in inferior. Famous or not, we're all great in some way or another.
I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful. It's free.


☆ 19.10.07. ☆met The Gazette <3 20.10.07. The Gazette; Berlin Columbiahalle. ☆ 20.10.07. Uruha laughing at us with leaves in our hair, outside XD. ☆ 23.10.07. The Gazette; Munich Muffathalle !! ♥ ♥ ☆ 27.10.07. The Gazette; London Carling Academy. ☆ 29.12.07. SuG, Screw, Alice Nine, Kra, Kagrra in Kóln. ☆ 29.10.07. Saw Yutto [SCREW] pantchanging & Byou and Jin smoking backstage. ♥ ☆ 29.01.08. Girugamesh -Stupid- Tour '08. CC Club, LDN. ☆ 29.01.08. ☆Met Girugamesh ♥ Saw Nii the next day, too. Smiley :) ☆ 25.06.08. 雅 -miyavi- and the Kavki Boys, ASTORIA 2, London. ☆ 25.10.08: ☆met MUCC ♥, Picturehouse~ Edinburgh & concert. ☆ 2009NADA: =lost interested in jrock=